City Guide and Information About Front Street Lahaina MAUI’s Hawaii

Named with the National Register of Historic Places, the main thoroughfare of Lahaina is a showcase of fixed and kept sites. In the other 1800s, when this seaboard small town was the capital of the Hawaiian land, missioners from New England came, checked to save the individuals of native islanders and to discipline hooligan leghorns. There’s no proof that souls were saved but the constructions of the era have been.Top 10 Sights1. Lahaina Courthouse2. Banyan Tree3. Lahaina Harbor4. Hau’ola Stone5. Pioneer Inn6. Baldwin House7. Wo Hing Temple8. U.S. Seamen’s Hospital9. Jodo Mission10. Moku’ula1- Lahaina CourthouseConstructed from coral blocks in 1859, the courthouse also housed the local prison.The former jail cells are now wont to display the work of local artists, and there’s a visitor center here, too.2- Banyan TreePlanted in 1873 by the Sheriff of Maui to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Lahaina’s first Christian mission, theBanyan Tree is the center of the town’s activity – festivals, concerts, arts and crafts fairs, and daily socializing fall out under the shade of this venerated tree.3- Lahaina HarborWhere whalers once laid anchor, charter fishing boat now troll for a catch of delicious ahi, ono, and mahimahi. Other boats wait to take visitors on snorkeling expeditions, whalewatching excursions, and trips to L…na’i and Moloka’i.4- Hau’ola StoneHawaiians have a rich relationship with their natural environment, including stones, or pā‰„haku. Those deemed as healing stones, like the one near Lahaina Library, were considered to hold powerful forces of nature that coulded spirit and heal the soul.5- Pioneer Innyou are able to still rent a room in this landmark, which for many years was the only hotel in town.It was built in 1901 by a Royal Canadian Mountie who tracked a notorious criminal to Lahaina and so decided to stay. It’s a perfect view of the Harbor.6- Baldwin HouseBuilt in 1834 for New England missioner Rev.Dwight Baldwin, the faithfully fixed house is now a museum that presents a vivid picture of missionary life in the 1800s.7- Wo Hing TempleChinese sugar plantation jacks built this fraternal hall in the 19th century.It now holds a collection of daily utensils used by the immigrant workers, and shows movies of Hawai’i assimilated the early 20th century by Thomas Edison.8- U.S. Seamen’s HospitalOriginally constructed for Kamehameha III, the US government leased the building for use as a marine hospital. The whaling industry made a need throughout the Pacific for hospitals to treat injured, sick, and abandoned sailors.9- Jodo MissionThe Jodo Mission immortalises the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants to Maui in 1868. The biggest statue of Buddha outside of Japan sits majestically and serenely in the bases.10- Moku’ulaThere wont to be a lake on this site, and in it an island, Moku’ula, which was home to Hawaiian royalty. In 1918, the lake was completed, and the island is now buried under the sports facilities of Malu-’ulu’olele County Park.The Mo’o (Lizard) of Moku’ulaAlso as providing humble for the Hawaiian royalty of the 19th century, Moku’ula and its surrounding waters were home to a legendary lizard that was worshiped by the royal house as a special defender of this sacred spot.Front Street Lahaina MAUI’s hawaii**Front Street is a great place for prize hunters to find scrimshaw, t-shirts, sarongs, and are able to meet local artists and craftsmen who sell their works under the Banyan Tree on weekends.**Parking is at a premium along Front Street, and it’s easier to park in a pay off lot.**”Lahaina” means merciless sun in the Hawaiian language, a beneficial indication that you should wear your hat and sunscreen when strolling along Front Street.

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